I believe the benefits of yoga and meditation are immense. I practice and teach in order to share them and to bring more serenity, clarity and connection of mind, body and spirit both to myself and to my students. Through yoga and mindfulness practices we can learn to be more present for ourselves and for others with awareness, curiosity and compassion. My style of teaching yoga incorporates both yin and yang elements into an aligned vinyasa style of practice. Finding balance, being grounded and practicing presence on our yoga mats allows these qualities to continue off the mat.

Private Instruction:

Private yoga and/or mindfulness sessions available in your home for you and/or your small group 

Typical sessions are one hour and packages are available at a discounted rate

1 Session: $125, 4 Weekly Sessions: $450

Teen Yoga:

Free weekly yoga practice for teenagers ages 12-18

Tuesdays 4:15-5:15

PAMF - 67 Encina Road Palo Alto

Private sessions available for small groups or parent/child partners


Corporate Mindfulness Workshops

Call or email to discuss program content and rates

Yoga and Mindfulness in your students' school - classes, clubs, teams, workshops for teachers/staff




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